Malicious Insider Threats: Who's exfiltrating your sensitive files?

Insider Threat

Your Biggest Threat May Be On Your Payroll

Statistically, your business faces as much of a data security threat from internal actors – employees, managers, directors, and contractors – as from external threats.

The team that you trust to protect your data could also, through negligence or malicious intent, put it at risk. 

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Your Biggest Data Security Threat May be on Your Payroll

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The Risks Insiders Pose

Malicious insider threats cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Download our free infographic to learn the top 3 methods of attack and the types of files most likely to be stolen.

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Recognizing Insider Threats

Internal threats to your data may be right in front of you, but they can be extremely difficult to identify. Download our whitepaper to learn:

   • The top 3 profiles of malicious insiders
   • The most commonly stolen data by department and role
   • The most common exfiltration methods
   • Best strategies for prevention

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Protecting Your Cloud Files from Malicious Insiders

Watch our video to see how Altitude Networks helped one client find multiple malicious insiders and how we helped remove the risk in just a few clicks.


How Altitude Networks Helps 

We automatically perform file sensitivity classification and identity mapping to uncover external backdoor access from employee personal accounts to identify risks. We surface sensitive files at risk based on sharing permissions, relationships, and behavior patterns and allow you to remediate them directly from our dashboard. The Altitude Networks Risk engine doesn’t just categorize the risks, but also shows you where to prioritize your resolution efforts by analyzing the metadata of every file in your environment and the activity related to them from any user (employees or external accounts) any time.

Download our case studies to learn how Altitude Networks helped our clients identify at-risk sensitive files and protect their data.

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