Protect Critical Data in Google Workspace from Theft and Breach

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Free Data Protection for Google Workspace!

Altitude Networks is trusted by top companies to protect critical data in Google Workspace. Our data security solution is being rolled out to small businesses for free!

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  1. - Detect & Block Backdoor Access from Personal Accounts
  2. - Identify & Protect Critical Files Exposed to World Access
  3. - Alert on Malicious Data Downloads from Employees or Apps
  4. - Deployment is a simple 2 step API connection between Altitude Networks and your Google Workspace. No endpoint agents needed!


  1. Protect the Data That Matters Most

  2. Automatically detect critical files at risk and provide simple 1 click remediation


  • Trusted by Leading Companies
    to Protect Critical Cloud Data

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Prevent Backdoor Access from Personal Accounts

Employees may accidentally or maliciously gain access to corporate files via the personal accounts. Find and remove all instances with 1 click!


Protect Critical Files Exposed by Global Link Sharing

Locate sensitive files accidentally shared broadly to the world or entire company and protect from unauthorized access with 1 click!



Flag Suspicious Data Downloads by Users or Cloud Apps

Detect sudden large downloads of files by malicious users or connected cloud applications




“We can't protect something we don't know exists or can’t see, so I was really impressed by the level of reporting and relationship mapping to help us track down how these assets are being shared and what we could do about it.”
— Steve Tran, CISO, MGM Studios


“The insights were invaluable...One of the fascinating things was we got a better understanding of what people were doing, not because they were malicious, not because they were mischievous or their accounts had been hacked but because they may not have fully understood the tools or the consequences of sharing and other activities. Giving us that visibility was really important."
— Bob Lord, Former CSO, Democratic National Committee

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