Are Departing Employees Stealing Your Sensitive Files?


Know how to flag suspicious activity

Before departing employees give notice, they may deploy a number of methods to ensure continued access to your proprietary files.

Altitude Networks' Cloud-Native DLP solution delivers peace of mind by discovering exfiltration of sensitive data.

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The Top 3 Signs Your Departing Employees are Stealing Your Data

An astonishing number of departing employees admit to stealing data when they leave. 

So how can you monitor and protect against employees who haven't announced their departure yet?

Download our infographic to learn the top 3 signs to watch out for.

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Why Data Loss Can Increase During Employee Offboarding

The phenomenon called “The Great Resignation” is growing to record numbers of people changing jobs. What exactly are employees doing during that two-week period after they give notice to ensure they'll maintain access to your files, and how can you prevent data exfiltration? Read our blog post for our top tips.

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Protecting Your Data During "The Great Resignation"

Cloud solutions such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer efficient solutions for collaboration, but they may also allow departing employees to destroy or steal data undetected. Download our whitepaper to learn:

The top ways employees steal data during offboarding
Best practices for securing data from departing employees

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How Altitude Networks Helps 

We automatically perform file sensitivity classification and identity mapping to uncover external backdoor access from employee personal accounts to identify risks. We surface sensitive files at risk based on sharing permissions, relationships, and behavior patterns and allow you to remediate them directly from our dashboard. The Altitude Networks Risk engine doesn’t just categorize the risks, but also shows you where to prioritize your resolution efforts by analyzing the metadata of every file in your environment and the activity related to them from any user (employees or external accounts) any time.

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