Rapid Security Assessment

Improve Your Security Posture With Altitude Networks Cloud-Native DLP

Our Cloud-Native DLP solution gives you control over cloud-based file sharing tools. Today we support Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, with more coming soon.

Our Rapid Security Assessment quickly identifies the risks you have in house.
• Are departing employees downloading customer lists, salary reports or any other confidential files?

• Are malicious insiders stealing your intellectual property?

• Are employees accidentally sharing confidential information to outsiders?

RSA sample report image-1

With only 10 minutes of setup time, our Rapid Security Assessment quickly identifies the risks you have in-house. We'll give you a custom report of your specific risks, which we will review with you in detail. Your free report will include:
      Which of your company’s sensitive files are at risk
      Who is exporting sensitive company data
      which files they are exporting, and
      who they are being shared with

Sign up for our free Rapid Security Assessment and find out who’s putting your company’s sensitive cloud files at risk. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and could save you a world of trouble