Accidental File Sharing: How safe are your cloud files?

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Accidental File Sharing

It’s 5 o'clock. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

To err is human. People get distracted. They can work too fast to pay attention to details, and sometimes, they just do the wrong thing.

Whether employees share sensitive files to the wrong email address or send the wrong links to the right people, the answer to where your data sits at the end of the day can be unsettling at best. 

Read our blog post for a deeper dive on types of employee mistakes and how to overcome the accidental file sharing problem.

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Accidental File Sharing by the Numbers

Accidental file sharing is more common than you might think. More than half of managers say they've shared a file they shouldn't. With the average employee sharing hundreds of files outside the organization, accidents are bound to happen. Download our infographic to see how quickly the risk can escalate as your company grows.

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Accidents May Be Putting Your Business At Risk

Sharing files via cloud collaboration platforms creates new risks. And one of the biggest threats is from negligent employees who aren’t vigilant about data loss prevention – or from people who simply make mistakes. Download our whitepaper to learn:

   • The top 3 ways employees make file sharing mistakes
   • The business impacts of negligent and accidental sharing
   • Best strategies for prevention

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How Altitude Networks Helps 

We automatically perform file sensitivity classification and identity mapping to uncover external backdoor access from employee personal accounts to identify risks. We surface sensitive files at risk based on sharing permissions, relationships, and behavior patterns and allow you to remediate them directly from our dashboard. The Altitude Networks Risk engine doesn’t just categorize the risks, but also shows you where to prioritize your resolution efforts by analyzing the metadata of every file in your environment and the activity related to them from any user (employees or external accounts) any time.

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Accidental Sharing

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